Movie Review: ‘CBGB’

ImageHey everyone!  Just wanted you all to check out my first ever movie review!  It’s on CBGB, which opens in theaters on October 11th but is currently available to watch on DIRECTV.  The movie stars HP alums Alan Rickman (Snape…Snape…Severus Snape) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley).

The DIRECTV page describes the film, saying:

“Though originally conceived as a country and bluegrass venue, Hilly Kristal’s (Alan Rickman) New York club becomes the birthplace of underground and punk music, and helps launch the careers of such bands as Blondie, the Ramones and the Police.”

Here is just a snippet of my review:

CBGB  is enjoyable as a film, but falls short in really reaching the mythos of the iconic club and its importance in the punk rock community.  Alan Rickman once again turns in a stellar performance as Hilly Kristal, the twice bankrupt owner of the iconic club.  His portrayal of the stubborn and frustrating Kristal make you root for his unlikely (and sometimes unlikable) protagonist.  But the movie falters as they spend too much time showing the financial struggles of Kristal and the fighting between Kristal and his daughter Lisa (Ashley Greene) instead of showcasing the impact this small club in the Bowery of New York City had on the creation and mobilization of punk rock.”

The film is rated ‘R’ for Adult Situations, Adult Language and Violence.

You can check out my whole review on the MuggleNet blog or by clicking right here!


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